Is your brand digitally prepared for the festive period?

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Mobile Optimisation

An increasing number of festive shoppers are heading to the internet to find the best deals, compare prices and find the best gifts before purchasing. It is becoming increasingly important for your online information to be easily accessible, clear, attention grabbing and provide mobile optimisation to compete with your competitors.

Around 92% of the population are internet users, that’s a staggering 59,717,200 people in the UK alone. In 2015, 77% of internet users bought at least one item online, which encouraged online sales to increase by 16.2% and it’s expected to grow a further 14.9% this year.

Mobile Optimization

Despite nearly double the percentage of people exclusively using a smartphone rather than a desktop, there are nearly twice as many conversions on a desktop because websites do not provide effective mobile optimisation. Smartphone users will switch site if it doesn’t suit their needs (around 29%), this could be that they can’t find the information or the site is too slow.

The well-known company Walmart noticed this was as issue for them too. So, to combat this, they took off 4 seconds from their website load time and got a 2% increase in conversions.

So, as you can see it’s increasingly important to effectively provide mobile optimisation. But, what does it mean to have your website mobile friendly? Standard sites do not render well on mobile devices, so it is essential to make your site responsive, which means it will automatically adjust to fit on a smaller screen and format the content in a mobile friendly manner. This is done by:

  • Larger and easier to read text.
  • Mobile friendly navigation.
  • Touch friendly buttons.
  • Faster loading speed.

It is important to make sure that all your customers have positive interactions with your website regardless of the device they are using. It is also beneficial to use mobile optimisation to get better search rankings, as in 2015 Google started giving preference to sites that are mobile friendly. The better the experience that you can provide to your customers accessing your site on a mobile device, the more likely they will turn into new business.

It is relatively easy to check if your site is already optimised for mobile users by looking at your site from a mobile device and seeing if the content adapts to a smaller screen. Alternatively, Google have a Mobile-Friendly test which anyone can access and it will inform you how well your site is optimised.

If your website is not optimised at all or you would like it improving, then you will most likely need a qualified web developer. Here at Hyphen we can help you, we can help you with your current site, or we can design a whole new site for you and optimise it.

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