The Branding Process: 3. Designing Identity

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So, having looked at Conducting Brand Research and Developing a Brand Strategy, we are now on to stage 3 of the branding process, Designing Identity.

Having read the analysis and strategy report, designers will use their experience, intuition, imagination and creativity to develop the strategy into a visual representation of the brand.

Each designer and design agency will have their own way of working, but designing a corporate identity will involve time and patience, and will start by developing several ideas which over time, will be condensed down into one final concept.

When designing a brand identity, we look in detail at a number of key areas and whether they accurately represent the values and personality set out in the strategy.

The design process begins by creating a logo, which will become the graphical representation of the brand. Colours, fonts, shapes and icons are all considered to create something unique, eye-catching and illustrative of the brand.

An overall brand identity is also created to give a look and feel to the brand. On any marketing document for a brand, you should be able to cover up the logo and still know what brand it belongs to, just from the colors, imagery, typography, styling etc.

A large part of designing identity is down to choice of colours and fonts and these are areas that will be covered in other blogs, as there is too much detail to go into here!

To make sure that the logo works as part of the whole visual identity, it has to be trialed on real documents, for example, business cards, letterhead, website, leaflet, folder etc. From these, it can be established whether it will work on different scales, on different materials, and on screen or in print.

We have a range of branding projects in our portfolio that show how the brand identities we have designed work across a wide range of materials.

As always, if you have any questions about designing identity, please just drop us a line or give us a call.

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