The Branding Process: 5. Managing Brand Assets

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The last stage of the branding process – Managing Brand Assets – follows on from Conducting Brand Research, Developing a Brand Strategy, Designing Identity and Creating Touchpoints.

Managing your brand identity assets requires a long-term commitment from company owners/directors to building and maintaining the brand. To make a brand a success, it requires ongoing monitoring and input.

There are a few key steps in this process.

An internal and external brand launch

It is important to launch the brand internally first to ensure that all employees are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ as the expression goes.

Internally, employees need to know why the brand is important, what it stands for, what it means and how they can communicate it through their interactions with customers.

An external launch can be one event, or a gentle series of marketing messages. At all times, the brand launch should be focused on the customers, and giving them the right messages at the right time. The messages should be reinforced several times.

Communicating the new brand identity to employees and customers

Key questions to ask are:

  • Who needs to know?
  • What do they need to know?
  • Why do they need to know?
  • Does the change affect them?
  • How are they going to find out?
  • When are they going to find out?

Creating branding guidelines

Managing the brand and its consistency in applications is facilitated by a set of branding guidelines that are accessible to all employees. It should be made clear by management that everyone within the company is responsible for adhering to the guidelines. If everyone works together and follows the guidelines, they can help to build a better brand.

Designate roles – who looks after specific parts of the brand?

Making employees feel involved can help them to get really invested into the brand. Long term brand success is achieved by employees absorbing the company culture and therefore emitting the brand values and personality through everything they do.

Hyphen can help with all 5 stages of the branding process, so if you need any advice, please just call for a chat.

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