A logo is not a brand unless it’s on a cow!

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Blog |

After working on several branding projects lately, we often find there can be a lot of confusion around the term ‘branding’ so we would like to clarify a few things to help.

The easiest way to explain the difference between your logo, your brand identity, and your overall brand is to imagine 3 nesting dolls. Your logo is the element most people will learn to quickly remember you by, and is part of your brand identity. Your identity is the dress code of how your company works and fits inside your brand. The brand is the overall picture. It encompasses everything, including how your customers perceive you.

Your Brand

Most people assume their brand is their logo – the way the company looks, however a companies brand is a compilation of everything the company does, what your employees do and how they act. Ultimately, it is, most importantly, the perceptions of your audience.

It goes much further than how your company looks. It can be determined by how your staff answer the phone, the way you handle your clients and their complaints. A brand can not be created by just 1 person.

Your Brand Identity

The brand identity is what contributes to your companies overall image. For the majority, the identity is set with a wide range of guidelines which includes approved colours, sizes, layouts, fonts and usage rules. By following these guidelines, the company can ensure your brand materials are consistent no matter where it appears. Read our previous blog post to learn why and how to ensure your brand is consistent.

Your Logo

The logo is the imagery that most customers will instantly associate your company with. This can use symbols, typography, characters and signatures. It is essentially the face to a company and should identity your business in the simplest and easiest form that people can remember.

To summarise, your logo is just a small important visual step in creating the foundations to a powerful and lasting brand. If you need help with your companies branding, please call the Hyphen team on 0116 232 5931 or email us.