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New Year Branding Resolutions

  Each new year, you can’t avoid the ‘new year, new you’ promotions, and the endless resolutions that people set for themselves to achieve new things…everything from eating more healthily and doing more exercise to giving up a bad habit. Whilst these are...

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The Branding Process [Updated]

Creating a solid brand, with strong foundations is much more than just a creative brainstorm.

The branding process is a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, project management and creativity.

This may sound incredibly complex, and for

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When Is the Right Time to Rebrand? [updated]

There is no right answer to this question, but I will try to give some guidance as to the key factors that could influence a decision to look at your company’s branding.

The world moves at such a fast pace that it can sometimes seem an impossible task to keep your branding relevant and current. It isn’t always necessary to make big changes, but below are some of the times when a refresh or rebrand should be considered.

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Using Google Analytics to Improve your Website

Do you monitor your website to ensure you are getting the best results? Do you know how many visitors your site is getting? How long are they staying? Which pages are most popular? Like other areas of your business, where you monitor them regularly to make...

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Invest in Keeping your Website Secure

So you’ve recently had your website developed; it looks great, the launch went smoothly and you’ve had great feedback from all of your clients and customers. You won’t need to look at it again for another few years now…right? …Wrong. Your website is now an extension...

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Listening to Your Customers To Benefit Your Brand

We have quoted this before, but it is relevant to today’s topic: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon No matter how hard you try to manage your brand, opinions will always be influenced by what your...

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How to Get Your Brand Noticed at Exhibitions

If you have a brand identity to be proud of, you want to display it at its best in every instance. One of the largest formats it will be used in, is at events and exhibitions, where passers-by will automatically form a perception of your company based on your visual...

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The Importance of Having the Right Online Presence

With a large percentage of the population heading to the internet, rather than a local store to do their shopping, it is increasingly important for retailers to not only have an online presence but to provide the right online services for their customers. For a...

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