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Benefits of Outsourcing your Graphic Design Department

If your business has a regular need for graphic design, it may be a consideration to employ a designer or utilise the skills of an existing member of staff. However, both of these come with their downsides, so we would like to show you the benefits of outsourcing your...

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Hyphen Website Wins Award!

We are a few weeks late writing about this as we have been busy with our clients, but we are incredibly pleased to announce that the new Hyphen website has won an award! After being nominated for the Elegant Themes Divi Showcase Awards along with over 2,300 entries,...

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Hyphen’s New Brand Identity

Every brand has a story. There are characters that make your brand; there are chapters that document particular stages of growth or change. And we felt that it was a good time to begin a new chapter in the Hyphen story to reflect where our business is going. A few...

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Brand Success on Social Media

Your brand should not be something that is established at a point in your business and then left to just survive by itself. It is something that needs to be taken care of daily, to really achieve brand success, especially online, where opinions can be posted in an instant.
Social media has been a huge boost to the business world

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Branding – Your Online Identity

The way your brand is portrayed online should be at the top of your branding priorities list, as websites are now often the first port of call for customers looking for a product or service.

Firstly, let’s think about why we have a website and what is its purpose.

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Why Do You Need Branding Guidelines?

Branding guidelines are the glue that holds your brand identity together; it holds the key to consistency and integrity of the brand.

We come across so many companies that do not have branding guidelines and experience a lack of consistency with their marketing, which leads to diluted brand messages.

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Colour in Branding

Colour theory is a central and often overlooked area of design, but it is paramount when it comes to branding. In an ever-growing marketplace, it’s more crucial than ever for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors to create a powerful, lasting impression on their audiences.

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Where to Go First? Branding Agency vs Web Agency

We have come across a few clients recently who have had a new website created before coming to us for branding. Branding should be the starting point for everything in your company and although we can design a brand identity with a website as the basis, this really is the wrong way round.

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