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Thursday Inspiration: Business Cards

I came across this cute little infographic earlier and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. When it comes to business cards, they really are an important tool for any organisation. First impressions count, and if done wrong, it can be very difficult to change...

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Making your business cards memorable

Your business card leaves a lasting impression. Before you place an order for more cards, take a few moments to assess your existing cards, do they need a revamp of colour, design, shape, texture or change of material? There are endless amounts you can do with your...

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5 reasons why a website is vital for business

Theres a lot of hype these days with social marketing and blogging. Most businesses have a Twitter or Facebook account, and some have separate blogs. So, the question is often asked why should you also have a website? Social Marketing is often free, so is a website an...

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Is your website backed up and do you have access to it?

Each year more and more importance goes to websites. They are used for so many functions from marketing and ordering to displaying information. However what would happen if your website was not there tomorrow, what would you do? Call your web provider or get your IT...

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What makes a customer read your leaflet?

I see it so many times when I’m out and about shopping… a pile of leaflets in a cafe or shop. It has obviously been designed in Word, they’ve slapped on some contact details (sometimes corrected afterwards with a biro) and printed on a home printer with maybe a few...

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Things to consider when creating a website

A website is an important tool for any businesses when it comes to communicating to existing clients and attracting prospective ones too; it needs to be well organised & dynamic. Carefully planning your pages even before you get started can help to ensure that...

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Why does my logo not look sharp?

Have you ever wondered why you or someone else’s logo doesn’t look sharp in print when the rest of the print looks good? The likely answer to this will be the file format. If the logo has been saved in, what we refer to as a pixel format, and has been saved at a...

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