Choosing the best type of website for your business – part 2

by | Mar 6, 2012 | Blog | 0 comments

Last time I discussed a bit about brochure websites to try to help you understand the characteristics of a static site what the key features are and the pros and cons of them. These sites are perfect for smaller or start-up organisations that need a web presence. However if you want something that is dynamic and needs to be updated frequently then a Content Management System could be for you.

CMS websites are becoming increasingly popular and often use platforms such as WordPress, Joomla or Megento to name a few.

Some of the advantages of using these systems are;

  • You can update your site anywhere with internet access
  • Often has a friendly user interface that makes it easy to add and edit content for non web experts
  • Add as many pages as you need from a variety of page templates
  • Regular updates are good for Search Engine Optimisation and increasing traffic to your site

So what are the cons of using this system?

  • They require more complex coding and configuration to set up.
  • Free templates are available but are often restricting in what you can do with them so customisation may be required
  • Larger number of files means more difficult to move the website if transferring to another provider

Try to think in the long run when deciding on your website because even if you think you won’t need to ever change it, if circumstances change it can cost more getting your web design company to do them or rejig your site to add the functionality to edit yourselves.

Next week will be the last part to this series and will be talking about an online shop or e-commerce website allowing you to manage products, deal with payments and accounts!

Till next time.