Consistent Branding – Coca Cola’s ‘One Brand’ Strategy

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When we work with clients on branding projects, the one thing we always say is that consistency is the key to building a recognisable brand identity.

A brand must be consistent in its design and messages in order to be successful. Consistent branding will:

  • Look professional to create a good first impression
  • Build on the brand identity to achieve long term familiarity and loyalty
  • Give out consistent messages to consumers

Without consistency in your brand, your customers may become confused by the messages you are delivering and start to lose the trust that they have built with your brand.

As we have said many times before, a good, strong, consistent brand is key for any company of any size. Although I am going to use the new brand strategy of Coca-Cola as an example, the same theory applies to smaller companies.

Coca-Cola have released images of new packaging designs, which will be rolled out later this year. Gone is the silver Diet Coke can, the black Coca-Cola Zero can and the green Coca-Cola Life can. They are now all being unified under the Coca-Cola name, with a red disk forming the basis of the new designs. This is the first time in 130 years of the brand that the visual identity has been shared across the product packaging in this way.

Now, you may argue that Coca-Cola has built an incredibly successful brand over the last 130 years, without this level of consistency, and therefore question how important it is.

However, if we look at the way the world has changed, it is apparent that there are so many more marketing outlets today than 100 years ago, and the internet has brought about a greater need for brand unity because the messages can get diluted the more widespread they get.

Another reason for the ‘one brand’ strategy is the increase in product choice, that has made it more difficult for consumers to make a buying decision, perhaps because they don’t know the differences between the zero, light and life options.

So how is this relevant for your brand?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my brand identity consistent across all of the visual elements that my customers see?
  • Does my brand identity work across all marketing platforms, online and offline?
  • Have I introduced new products/services in the last few years and does the expanded offering work with the current branding?
  • Are my brand messages still relevant to my target audience?

If you would like any further information about brand consistency, or any advice on how to develop your brand, please give us a call or drop us an email.

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