Hyphen’s Design Portfolio

From graphic design to print management, see Hyphen’s Design Portfolio.

What makes a good design portfolio

Ultimately how well out and put together the layout is designed is key. It obviously helps to get better results from your marketing. Most importantly the key message is put across. Not just in the text but in the style, images and the way it is all laid out. As a result a well balanced design get the attention and consequently the desired action from the target audience.


Generally speaking this is the same for all design, graphic and website. Obviously with websites the design is fluid and can change, where as print is fixed. In essence when someone see a website, what they see at that actual moment is fixed for most websites. At that instance the design of the site needs to be right, with the correct brand and message. To sum up even though a website can and will be edited, it should always look good and correct for your clients.

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