Introducing Gemma & Brand Strategy

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Blog | 0 comments

Hello everyone!


I have joined the Hyphen team this week so I am using my first blog post to introduce our new services that I will be heading up!

In my role as Brand Strategist, I will be helping clients on branding analysis and strategy so we can develop strong brands.

Some people think a brand is just a logo, but that is just a visual representation. Your brand is everything your company represents; your USP, personality, benefits to customers, position in the market and more. Once these have been established, then it is possible to develop a strong brand that really communicates what your company is about.

Of course, it is possible that a company has a good idea of their brand values and can develop a strategy themselves, but often it can be a good idea to ask someone external to the company to take a fresh look and get a different perspective. And that’s where we come in!

We have added a strategy page to the website so please check that out for more information.

Until next time,