Keeping Your Brand Up-To-Date

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

A few weeks ago, we wrote about when is the right time to rebrand and one of the points that we raised was the length of time that your branding has been in use.

There is no rule for how long a brand remains current. For example, the Nike “Swoosh” was created in 1971 and still remains as popular and iconic 44 years later. However, this is one exception to the rule and for most companies, consumers want to see a refresh to reflect changes in their habits and attitudes.

Branding styles go in and out of fashion, just like clothing…so think, would you still wear a shell suit from the 80s? And in the same way, would you buy from a brand that looked as out-dated?

Yesterday, one of the world’s biggest brands, Google, launched a brand-new logo, after having its previous iconic look for more than 15 years.

Keeping the same well-known colours, it has updated its look with a modern sans-serif typeface and it has been introduced using animation, which is something that the brand is well-known for on the search engine’s homepage.

An animation shows the old logo being gradually erased, and the new logo is drawn with crayons before forming into the new font. The new look is planned to be rolled out across all Google platforms gradually.

New visual identities, especially from such global companies, always attract both positive and negative feedback. But for us, as brand stylists, we can only see the positive in that the company has addressed its need to bring the logo up-to-date and create a look that is more current for a world of savvy consumers.

If you are reading this, thinking that you have a small company and keeping your branding up-to-date is less relevant, then I would advise that it is equally, if not more important. Your business growth is dependent on the retention of your current customers and the attraction of new customers, potentially from a younger, more perceptive audience.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your branding, our brand stylists are always happy to chat.

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