Making your business cards memorable

by | May 25, 2012 | Blog | 0 comments

Your business card leaves a lasting impression. Before you place an order for more cards, take a few moments to assess your existing cards, do they need a revamp of colour, design, shape, texture or change of material? There are endless amounts you can do with your cards, keeping them looking professional & memorable. Here are some ideas that you could use:

  • Make them more informative and functional, add a discount voucher, map or QR code.
  • Get someone’s attention by adding spot gloss highlights (Spot UV Varnish), which is a gloss effect that helps to make area’s on their design have more impact at a glance.

There are so many ways in which the spot UV can be applied to your card and can be specially tailored to you. These attributes could ultimately make your card unique and add a new dimension to your design.

  • Add your logo in spot UV – like a water mark effect.
  • Enhance photographs by adding spot UV over them.
  • Why not create texture or add a pattern creating a design element in its own right.
  • Spot UV works best on darker colours and really makes your print shout.

You will likely hand out your business card every single day – it’s an important expression of you and your company so make sure you take the time to have it professionally designed and printed. So make sure the impression your cards give out are positive and not negative.

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