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Over the last few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of moustaches within society and the design industry. What could be the logic behind this questionably random design trend?

The most common theory behind the design trend is that “hipsters” (The modern interpretation of a hipster meaning someone who consumes non-mainstream products or pursues non-mainstream activities) brought the moustache trend back to mock conventional ideas of style and fashion. What was thought to make them stand apart from the rest of society would later, ironically, start a new craze leaving moustaches to be desirable.

Moustaches then went on to be used in a humorous context and even used in the online craze known as memes, which most likely contributed to the increase in popularity.

Coffee Moustache Designs

Designers then saw the potential with this design trend and started producing moustache related designs for packaging, jewellery, bags and much more! One clever use of the moustache was to place it on a mug/cup so that consumers would look like they’re wearing it, which appeals to the humorous nature of people. Some designs seem to have no other focus than to showcase moustaches, but a few companies have very cleverly integrated the moustache into the design.


Moustache brushes and wax


Here (above to the left) you can see that Simon Laliberté, a French-Canadian graphic artist, designed the packaging for a set of paintbrushes ‘Poilu’ and used illustrations to imply moustaches with the use of the bristles. And, on the right, you can see the packaging design for ‘Dapper Chap Moustache Wax’ which has included a cut out of a moustache so it is easily recognizable and understood by prospective buyers.





Other companies have chosen to base their name on moustaches, It may seem completely random. Before the current moustache trend, they were often considered luxurious and high class, especially when paired with a monocle. So, it could be linked to companies wanting to make their product seem of higher quality or trying to embrace a comical side.

This month we are likely to be seeing a whole lot more moustaches as it is Movember, a mix of moustache and November. This is the movement that puts focus onto mens health issues but encouraging men to grow the weirdest and craziest moustaches to raise money for a good case. This event helps to bring the moustache trend back every year in grooming and in design.


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