Leicester-shire Healthy Tots Scheme

Graphic Design support for the healthy tots scheme for the Leicester County Council
Skills used: Brochure Design, Information Guide Design, Stationery Design, Leaflet Design, Resource Card Design

The Leicester-shire Healthy Tots Scheme approached us in 2013 to initially redesign a new information guide advising parents and carers on getting babies and toddlers more physically active.

We created a new style for the 48 page brochure which harmonised with the existing scheme materials, along with a set of 9 resource cards of a variety of activities that would be provided with the guide.Once completed, we were then commissioned to redesign the full suite of materials, with another 2 much larger brochures and workbook.

Toolkit-cover - Your Hyphen
Toolkit-inside - Your Hyphen
toolkit - Your Hyphen
Resource-card - Your Hyphen

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