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You can market your business with basic standard print or you can invest in a finish that make your business get noticed. A really good way to do this is with a spot UV varnish finish. It can be used to lift an image by making it look more vibrant or it can be used creatively in a design to enable a more interesting layout. Either way spot UV varnish is a great way to make your printed marketing material more interesting and engaging than your rivals.

However having these type of finishes will increase the overall spend on producing the print but don’t worry as there is a solution to this. I work with as one of their business partners and they have a great offer this month on their StarMarque Spot UV Varnish products.

£10 OFF – StarMarque Business Cards

£20 OFF – StarMarque Showcards

£20 OFF – StarMarque Flyers

£50 OFF – StarMarque Folders

£20 OFF – StarMarque Menus

These are great product, even when not on offer, they a look and feel of a high professional business.

For more details please look at this link:

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