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Get your branding right from the start to have the best chance of success

More new companies were registered in Leicestershire during 2016 than in any previous year. As a Leicestershire-based creative agency, we know how important it is to provide branding, logo design and graphic design services to start-up companies, to help build a brand with strong foundations. We can also help to establish an online presence with the development of a website, increase chances of being found through SEO and help communication with customers through social media.

Your identity is what you will come to be recognised by and what leads to your target audience building a perception of your company. Your brand is your reputation, so it makes sense to get it right from the start, to have the best chance of success.

Our branding experts know that in the start-up period, you may not know what your brand should represent, as there hasn’t yet been time for it to develop. But the Hyphen team have the knowledge and experience to talk through your plans for the business, your target audience, your goals and several other elements, to determine the route that your brand should take, in terms of strategy and visual identity.

We can also look at your competitors’ branding to ensure that we create an identity that makes you stand out and shows your target audience why they should buy from you.

We will create your logo in all the formats you will need for print and online, and can design everything you need from business stationery to brochures, and websites to social media content.

We enjoy going on a journey with each start-up business as they embark on a new venture and watch them continue to grow year on year, with branding, creative and digital marketing help from us.

Please take a look below at some of Leicester’s start-up businesses that we have helped.

Excellent work, I knew I had finally given my project into the right hands. Hasana

Managing Director, Smart Doh

Hyphen have been amazing. Setting up a new company is daunting enough itself, but then trying to get the branding right for your company is another matter. Hyphen has been there to guide us all the way. Right from the initial logo concepts to its colours and the message we wanted to give out. We were more than pleased with the finished article. Emily and the Hyphen team put together our stationery including our letter head and we have been extremely pleased with the results. Our clients have described the branding as bold, professional, sleek and to the point. Our website took a lot of time to put together, particularly so because as a legal firm we had a lot of content we wanted to put across and we wanted to get it right. Emily was extremely patient with us and always more than happy to assist, guide and advise. We could not have been happier with the results. ”Bushra

”Managing, ”Bushra


Bushra Ali Solicitors

Bushra Ali is a new solicitors’ firm specialising in human rights. The company required a corporate identity that suited the legal market, whilst representing their key brand values. The new logo was created to give a professional and trustworthy look and the lighter blue used alongside the darker blue softened the logo to give an approachable appearance. A separate icon was also created to add variety to marketing materials and as a marque, that over time, the brand can become recognised by.

Smart Doh

Smart Doh is a new company that has developed a range of play dough using ingredients that are natural, vegan and non-toxic. The products combine creative fun with play, colour and aroma therapy. Before coming to Hyphen, they had requested a brand identity from three other designers, but felt that none of them had understood the brief and therefore did not deliver the results they were after. Hyphen created a brand identity through a colourful logo that will appeal to both children and adults and rolled out a consistent style across business stationery, products labels, stickers, a leaflet, social media headers and a range of play/learning mats for the dough to be used on.

Do you need support with your start up business?

We would love to discuss your exciting new business venture in more detail. Please call us on 0116 232 5931 or use the contact form to arrange a free hour’s advice workshop where we can review your needs and discuss your options.

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