Email Marketing

Email has the power to reach millions of people every year.

Send professional emails to targeted clients and prospects on a regular basis.

Hyphen has an e-shot system that allows you to send bespoke branded emails to your customers in the click of a button. We have an easy to use email builder that makes it simple to create and send your important messages and measure the impact through a series of reports and analytics.

Simply choose from a selection of pre-designed templates, and easily change colours and fonts to match your brand style and you are ready to go.

Email marketing is the only way of targeting named contacts immediately, anywhere in the world. Statistics suggest a great return on investment and due to the tracking facility, you can easily monitor the success of each campaign.

The biggest benefit of email marketing is it’s low cost compared to traditional marketing activities. We appreciate that there are other online sources that allow the sending of e-shots for free on the condition that your emails include their logo at the bottom. However, looking at the overall impact this has on your brand, we feel that it takes away from the professionalism of your company. Most potential clients like to feel that a company doesn’t mind investing a little, to get something in return.

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