Websites for £200 – am I mad?

Being stuck at home with no escape from my kids for the last few weeks may well be taking its toll but yes for the months of April and May 2020 I will be offering websites for £200.

Now is a great time to look at either redoing or having a new website as more people are browsing and looking on-line than ever before. On Google alone they are having over 5 billion searches per day. With around 3rd of the world population stuck at home due to Covid 19 can we be surprise?

So with that in mind I am offering to build WordPress brochure websites for £200+vat up to 15 pages. Similar to

If you want something bigger than 15 pages then let me know I we can work something out.

Once built I also offer a range of SEO packages starting from £200+vat per month, to all the sites that I host, to help them gain better page ranking.

If any of this is of interest please let me know

All the best and stay safe

Kind regards


Name the film and actor from the image above?

Bonus question – Which fellow actor did the above star attend drama school with and what popular TV mini series did they both act in?