About Hyphen

Hyphen is my freelance business that has helped many business over the years with their visual marketing.

My name is Jason King and I have over 20 years experience in the creative and print industry, and Hyphen is my business that has helped many clients from a wide variety of industries with their graphic design and print management projects.

My knowledge comes from a designing for print background and the managing of that print but I also work with other creative people to help create the overall design and final look that my clients look for with their print, website and digital marketing.
My knowledge is invaluable in finding the best solutions for my clients requirements. Through my Hyphen business I make sure my clients brand image is consistent and appropriate to the target audience and can save clients hours of wasted time by pulling on what I have learnt over the years and completing these task in a fraction of the time than they could do themselves.

If you find trying to find the right printed solution online frustrating, I can help you get your materials designed and printed in an attractive and high quality finish. If you want a good, simple, well put together and hosted website then contact me to find out more.

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