Hyphen’s Graphic Design History

My name is Jason King and I have over 20 years experience in the graphic design and print management market. Hyphen is my freelance graphic design business that has helped many business over the years with their visual marketing. I started my graphic design journey with printing.com back in 2000, who at the time, were probably the market leaders for batch printing. We would create the graphic design locally in Leicester and would use printing.com to manage the print. In 2004, due to a buy out of the Leicester printing.com store, I started Hyphen. I have run it since as my own graphic design and print management business but still using printing.com as one of my printing contact.

Graphic Design for Print

I have seen a lot of changes to the industry over the years because of the impact that the internet has made. Beside this the art of producing good layouts for print has fundamentally stay the same. Most importantly these years of experience are invaluable when helping a client get the best from their design brief. As a result Hyphen has helped many organisations from a wide variety of industries with their graphic design and print management projects.

My knowledge comes from a designing for print background and hence the managing of that print. I also work with other creative people to help create the overall design and final look that my clients require. This could be for their print, website and digital marketing.

Consequently this enables me to in find the best solutions for my clients requirements. Through my Hyphen business I make sure my clients brand image is consistent and appropriate to the target audience. As a result it can save clients hours of wasted time by pulling on what I have learnt over the years.  For that reason I can complete these task in a fraction of the time than they could do themselves.

Finally if you find trying to find the right printed solution online frustrating, I can help. By getting your materials designed and printed in an attractive and high quality finish. If you want a good, simple, well put together and hosted website then contact me to find out more.

Website Design

Consequently, as the growth of the internet has changed the business world I have expanded my graphic design knowledge into digital design. I use the Divi theme, on the WordPress platform to build brochure websites.  I also host and offer a SEO support for this site via Nettl SEO. This is a fantastic support system and as a result allows me to concentrate on the building of sites. Most importantly Nettl supports results in my hosted sites not being effected with technical issues.

Please see Hyphen’s portfolio which shows who I have helped.

My Clients

I work work with a cross section of businesses from all types of industries.

  • Small Businesses – they typically just need a low cost logo, a set of business cards, maybe letterheads/leaflets, a website and possibly signage for their premise/vehicles. I provide a quick and cost effective service that helps support their needs.
  • Medium Size Businesses – these will normally have their brand established and they need to work with someone who can help keep everything uniformed, consistent and correctly backed up. Like small businesses they will need all those products but on a more regular basis. I provide a reliable service to these businesses making me the virtual employee that they don’t need to pay a salary.
  • Large Businesses – most will have an in house team or a large agencies that they work with but due to workloads or costs will need to sub contract work to me. I help range of large organisation on certain project that they can’t fulfil within their normal structure. My extensive knowledge helps me pick up their requirements very quickly making me a good and reliable go to person when they have an internal bottleneck of work.

In Summary

Therefore with my skill for designing good layouts for print I help lots of business present their message. Furthermore with my print contacts I also help with management of print orders for our clients. Consequently making sure they get what they want and need every time. Finally the successful formula of these services has enabled me to help businesses over the years. Because of this I am rewarded with the repeated work that our loyal clients have given me back.

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