What’s Your Story?

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

Today we have a guest blog from our Creative Director, Jenni Cabrelli. Jenni is currently on maternity leave but likes to keep in touch with what’s going on in the Hyphen studio and stay up-to-date on branding and design trends.


We often tell clients that crafting a brand is like writing a story. Whenever you see a website, product packaging or an advertisement, it’s like going on a date. You look at the brand and decide whether you like it, and want to continue seeing it. If the brand delivers on their promise, you start to make an emotional, lasting connection.

No matter how old your business, every one has a story. The faces behind a company will have had a reason for that business, whether they were fulfilling a market need or simply had passion for the products they sell. Design and branding are important ways for us to communicate those stories to our consumers.

Let’s look at our own story here at Hyphen. Some of you will remember a couple of years back we rebranded from to Hyphen. Whilst our main service was portrayed as print, our entire team is made up of highly skilled creatives who are passionate about design and we were failing to communicate this strength with the branding. We wanted to take a new direction for the business and shout about how great we were about helping our clients brand reach their customers.

The name Hyphen was a word that perfectly fit this new direction. A hyphen is a link, or a connection between two things. For us at Hyphen, we are the link between a brand and its consumer. This also gave birth to our strap line, ‘making connections by design’.

So how do you tell your story? To start with you need to get the foundations in place with the right research and strategy. Take a look at who your competitors are, what is your USP, your overall brand vision and what do you want your brand to promise you will deliver for your customers? You can take a look at Gemma’s previous blog on getting your strategy right to learn more on this. Once the foundations are right you can style the brand and create how it looks. In this current age, we have the luxury that there are some incredible mediums available; interactive and digital, print, video, social media, advertising, packaging, you name it, the possibilities are endless. No matter how many of the mediums you use though, all need to tie back to the brand’s original strategy and direction, and communicate your story effectively to the right audience.

So is your brand communicating your story effectively? Give our brand stylists a call, and we would love to hear your brand story and discuss how you could turn that into a lasting connection with your customers.

Until next time,