Where to Go First? Branding Agency vs Web Agency

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

We have come across a few clients recently who have had a new website created before coming to us for branding. Branding should be the starting point for everything in your company and although we can design a brand identity with a website as the basis, this really is the wrong way round. It can cause problems with creating the right impression with the desired brand values and also, by using files from a web agency, it can also cause technical problems.

I was recently sent a logo by a client who wanted it blending into an existing letterhead and business card layout that they had for other brands within their company, so that they had a uniformed look across their brands.

The problem I had was that their new logo had been created by the company that had recently produced their new website. As I have covered before, the rules for print are different for web and just because it looks good on screen it doesn’t mean it will look good in print. The logo had been saved as a low resolution file (e.g. jpeg, png, tiff) in RGB colour mode and I had to colour match the CMYK colours already used in their other print. Having requested a CMYK vector (ai) file, I was sent the same as before, which was no help at all! Luckily we have the skills here at Hyphen to recreate the look, so we had to do this to keep our client’s brand looking consistent.

This is not an uncommon issue that I come across, especially as so much business is now done online. For some companies, it seems that their starting point for branding is to talk to a dedicated web company that sets up their website and therefore the brand style. The problem is that a lot of web companies design for web only, which means low resolution pixel files in RGB that won’t translate easily into to print or other marketing materials. Not all web companies are like this, but sadly there are enough to make this a common problem which does cause brand consistency problems as a company starts to expand their brand beyond the website.

Online marketing is a very important area for businesses but it is important to get the brand and its guidelines in place before starting a website, or any other marketing materials. We are experts at making a brand look good not only offline, but also online as well. We have set up brands for many an organisation, who has then either asked us to create the design for their website, or asked us to supplied correctly set up files to the web company of their choice so it can be used on a website and matches consistently with all their other marketing.

If you are not sure where to start, we can offer free advice, so just contact our brand stylists.

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