Why every business should use Google Analytics

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Blog |

So you’ve just had a brand new website developed, and you are really excited to show it off. But what happens next? Many businesses expect to be inundated with new web enquiries, however in reality it can take some time before a website is found on Google. And even when it is found, you may be attracting lots of new visitors, but they are all clicking off the site before they even look for your contact details.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool that monitors and tracks your websites content and online marketing campaigns. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business, Google Analytics can provide valuable statistics from the number of visitors to even their entrance path to the site. By using this online tool, you are then able to determine the efficiency of your website, and ultimately decide if any changes are required to get the most from your visitors.

Let’s give you an example… “John” visits your site through Google by searching one of your optimised keywords. He only stays on the site for a few seconds before quickly clicking back on his browser. You sell the product he is looking for, yet he, for some reason, decided you weren’t the right company. With Google Analytics, you can see what keyword he was referred by, what page he entered the site on, and where he clicked after that. When looking at these, you may see that he actually searched for “Bananas” but the page he clicked onto was “Apples”. Because this wasn’t what he was looking for he left the site, rather than searching round to find the bananas he really wanted! Okay, this is a very bizarre example I know, but the point is, by understanding what has gone wrong means you know how to fix it. Simply add a landing page for “Bananas” and Google can optimise this page to be the correct landing page for that product, which will result in you finding the right customers.

Aside from this, you can also montior traffic flow after key marketing campaigns. For example, did you receive higher traffic the hours after sending out your eshot, or a adding a new tweet?

Google Analytics helps you improve the quality of the content on your website for what your visitors are looking for, which will in turn help improve your conversion rate and get those web enquiries you were after. And what’s great, is Google Analytics is completely free once set up!


Interested in getting Google Analytics up and running on your website?

Speak to one of our web designers today by calling 0116 232 5931 or emailing us at Alongside the set up, we can also provide Analytic reports which will highlight the key statistics relevant to your organisation and compare them to the previous period, allowing you to monitor if your changes are improving the site, or highlight areas that still need some focus.