Your customers…do you know what they want?

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Blog | 0 comments

Let’s start by asking a very important question…

When you developed your brand, did you base it on what you wanted the brand to say to your customers, or did you find out what your customers wanted and use that information to create a brand with all the values that they would like to see?

If it is the latter, well done! But if you based it on your own thoughts and ideas, how do you know that your brand is delivering what your customers expect? Yes, you can make an educated guess…but to really make sure, why not ask them?!

Questions such as:

+ What do they think is your main strength?
+ Do they think you have any weaknesses?
+ What words would they use to describe your brand?
+ Why do they buy from you?
+ How do they rate different elements of your business?

As the most important part of your business, your customers can give you the most invaluable feedback which can be used to put together a solid strategy that ensures that your brand has strong values, a likeable personality and a proposition that really shows what benefits they are getting from you.

Maybe some companies are scared to ask their customers what they think, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! And often, any negative comments can be much more useful than positive ones as it shows you how to make improvements.

If you have never asked your customers what they are looking for from your company, or just haven’t asked in a while…now might be a good time to do just that.

If you need help asking your customers the right questions and turning the feedback into a definitive brand strategy, please call me on 0116 232 5931.

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