When Is the Right Time to Rebrand?

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There is no right answer to this question, but I will try to give some guidance as to the key factors that could influence a decision to look at your company’s branding.

The world moves at such a fast pace that it can sometimes seem an impossible task to keep your branding relevant and current. It isn’t always necessary to make big changes, but below are some of the times when a refresh or rebrand should be considered.

1. Time
There is no rule for how long a brand remains current. Branding styles go in and out of fashion, just like clothing but there aren’t many brands that are timeless, like a pair of jeans or a little black dress. Sometimes a complete rebrand isn’t essential, but a refresh of colours, fonts, or a style tweak can work wonders to bring your brand back up-to-date.

We have recently completed rebrands for a couple of clients whose branding had remained stagnant for 10 years, so if your branding hasn’t changed in the last decade, it may be something to think about.

2. Changing Tastes of Your Customers
Although you maintain your brand, it is your customers that control it, as what they say to each other creates a reputation, which is what your brand becomes known for. Over time, as your customers change, so should your brand. They will expect you to stay relevant and modern to keep their attention and a proactive brand will also attract new customers.

3. Change of Focus/Expansion
If you used to do X but now you do X, Y and Z, now might be a good time to look at rebranding. Simply telling your customers you do more might be not enough. You need to show them your new focus by developing your whole brand to show your new vision and values.

4. Mergers & Acquisitions
This is an obvious one really, as bringing together two brands results in a big branding overhaul. At the simplest level, it will require an analysis of the two brands’ strategies to see any overlaps or differences and deciding the route forwards. But for the most successful outcome, a new brand will be required to offer one united brand that shows what it can offer to customers.

5. Your Name is Ambiguous
If people cannot pronounce your name, or have no idea what you do, then your brand is not working for you.

6. Your Geographical Name is Holding You Back
If you started your business with a town or city in the name so that you sounded local and so it would help your SEO, then it probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But if you are ready to expand and the name is holding you back, then it’s time for a rebrand.

7. Your Brand is Dull
This is one that many business owners would not admit, but sometimes a rebrand is needed simply because your branding is looking a bit dull, tired and out-dated. Rebranding can give your business a fresh new look that will be appreciated by both old and new customers.

One of the biggest hurdles with branding is that businesses think that it’s an expensive and unnecessary task. But with the right brand styling, you should get back what you spend in increased sales.

Hyphen are Leicestershire’s leading brand stylists and offer a range of pricing on branding packages for all budgets. We would love to chat to you in our free one-hour consultation and show you what we could do for your brand.

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