Antalis use Hyphen to design some of their digital marketing promotions

The Brief

Antalis, recognized as Europe’s foremost distributor of paper, packaging solutions, and visual communication products, first engaged our services in 2015. At that time, their request centered on the design of a novel pop-up exhibition display. Subsequently, our collaboration extended beyond this initial project, encompassing diverse undertakings such as crafting brochures, catalogues, and a myriad of visually engaging elements, including infographics, wall displays, and promotional mailers.

While steadfastly adhering to the stringent Antalis brand guidelines, we have seamlessly evolved our role, consistently providing a rejuvenated perspective on their marketing materials. This ongoing partnership has not only showcased our commitment to brand consistency but has also effectively alleviated the workload of their in-house design department.

Antalis use Hyphen to design some of their digital marketing promotions

Hyphen’s Contribution

  • Quarterly Promotion
  • Leaflet and Brochure Design
  • Info graphics

Hyphen has played a pivotal role in enhancing our quarterly promotions through their expertise in leaflet and brochure design, as well as the creation of impactful infographics. Their innovative approach to visual communication has significantly elevated the effectiveness of our promotional materials, ensuring a cohesive and engaging representation of our brand throughout each quarter. This collaborative effort with Hyphen has not only enriched our promotional strategies but has also underscored the importance of their design proficiency in shaping our marketing endeavors.



Antalis use Hyphen to design some of their digital marketing promotions

The Result

The outcome of Hyphen’s dedicated contribution to quarterly promotions has been helpful for the marketing team at Antali. Through our adept skills in leaflet and brochure design, coupled with their proficiency in crafting impactful infographics, Antalis have experienced an improvement in the effectiveness of their quarterly promotional materials.

Hyphen’s innovative approach to visual communication has not only heightened the aesthetic appeal of the promotions but has also seamlessly aligned with Antalis’ brand identity, fostering a more cohesive representation across various platforms. This collaborative effort has yielded a tangible and positive impact on the reception of the promotional campaigns.

By entrusting Hyphen with the design aspects of the promotional materials, Antalis have not only gained visually appealing and engaging content but have also reinforced the significance of design expertise in shaping the success of their marketing endeavours. The quarterly promotions now stand as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between Antalis’ team and Hyphen, marking a notable enhancement in the overall quality and impact of the promotional initiatives.

Antalis use Hyphen to design some of their digital marketing promotions

“We started working with Hyphen in 2015 on several small projects. They have provided many fresh ideas and suggestions to the briefs that I gave them and have produced some excellent work which I’ve been very happy with.

Since I started working with them I’ve become more and more confident in their ability to produce high quality artwork and infographics, speedily but with attention to detail. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Hyphen to others – and in fact I have already done so.

Cassie Booth

Marketing Manager - Office, Antalis UK Ltd

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