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PROSTaid, marketing is designed and printed by Hyphen

The Challenge

PROSTaid have a very simple and clear message that they need to get out to the local men in the East Midlands area. Prostate cancer affects men of all ages but mainly over 40 however earlier diagnosis saves lives. They want to encourage men to look out for the tail tail signs of Prostate Cancer and if they think they may have them, then to see their doctor asap for a check up.

PROSTaid, marketing is designed and printed by Hyphen

Hyphen’s Contribution

To help get this message out there I have help to create a clear set of branding for PROSTaid, using their distinctive red colouring along with the support colours and white, black and grey to create a range of marketing tools for PROSTaid to use:

  • Business cards
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Display Banner
  • T-Shirts
  • Information Packs
  • Forms

A key part of this has been sourcing emotive images that will help grab the attention with the aim for men to engage, read and act on the very important message that PROSTaid is presenting.


PROSTaid, marketing is designed and printed by Hyphen

The Result

The marketing support from Hyphen has helped PROSTaid to get their message out to more people which has contributed to more men being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. With this early diagnosis it will help to save lives


PROSTaid, marketing is designed and printed by Hyphen

“First of all we would like to thoroughly recommend the truly excellent performance of Hyphen recently with an order for us at our local prostate cancer charity. We needed six new brochures, 30,000 in total. For which we also had the content prepared. We therefore needed Hyphen to design and print them within a tight time window.

The quality of the brochures and, above all, the speed of the delivery exceeded all our expectations. A really exceptional service when it was most needed!!

Finally this is just one example, of many, where Hyphen have helped PROSTaid.”

Rob Banner

Trustee, PROSTaid

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