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Print Management and Exhibition Displays

Hyphen, specialising not only in graphic design but also in comprehensive print management services. Offering a seamless solution for all your marketing needs. Beyond crafting visually stunning designs, we take charge of print sourcing, ensuring the highest quality for your marketing collateral. Furthermore, Hyphen have access to an extensive array of branded promotional items, adding an extra layer of customisation to your promotional efforts.
Drawing on 25 years of experience in the print industry. Hyphen bring in-depth knowledge to guide you on the most suitable finishes and materials for your specific requirements. This expertise allows us to alleviate the burdens of print sourcing by overseeing the entire print process for all your marketing materials.
From brochures to business cards, Hyphen ensures a streamlined and efficient process, leaving you with the confidence that your brand is represented with the utmost professionalism.

Moreover, we expand our services to include a diverse range of exhibition stands and displays. Enhancing your brand’s visibility at events and trade shows. Whether you require eye-catching banners or innovative displays, Hyphen leverage our expertise to ensure your presence stands out.

This can include the following:

moving on to the higher end design items like

  • booklets and
  • folders.

Hyphen can also help with the layout of business forms that may be on single sheets or part of a NCR in either loose sets, pads or in a book.

In summary

Hyphen not only excels in graphic design but extends its capabilities to encompass a comprehensive suite of print management services, branded promotional items, and captivating exhibition displays. Trust in our extensive experience to guide you through the intricate world of print. Ensuring a seamless and impactful representation of your brand.


Embrace the convenience and efficiency of Hyphen’s print management services. Where the essence of the name truly comes to life. Entrust us with the intricate task of overseeing the printing of your business stationery and marketing materials. Allowing you to sidestep the hassles associated with this process. From initiating the order of the correct items to ensuring that design files are meticulously configured for optimal printing results. Hyphen orchestrates a seamless journey that culminates in the timely delivery of your materials to the right destination.

As a first step, we extend our expertise to guide you through a comprehensive consultation. Advising you on the most suitable print options within the confines of your budget. Following this, we shift my focus towards creating and maintaining a robust and professional image that resonates with your customers. Every facet of your branding is meticulously crafted to reflect your unique brand style. From the selection of paper to the overarching design principles. Consider, for instance, a professional company seeking to convey a commitment to quality products or services. This is manifested in the deliberate choice of high-quality paper or card for their printed materials.

Navigating the complex landscape of quality assessment becomes a daunting task. Particularly when dealing with on-line printers. Allow Hyphen to shoulder the responsibility of managing your print requirements. Ensuring that your initial interaction with your audience is not just positive but also reflects the professionalism and quality synonymous with your brand.

In streamlining the print-sourcing process

Hyphen often collaborate with Nettl (once called, a reliable provider that not only offers great value for money but also simplifies the ordering experience for clients. The consistent quality of their work and the ease of the ordering process make them a preferred choice for many clients. Who repeatedly engage their services. However, Hyphen’s commitment to offering tailored solutions extends beyond a single provider. As we collaborate with various printers depending on the specific demands of each project. Share your unique needs with us, and we’ll diligently navigate the landscape to secure the best value for money while upholding the unwavering standards of quality you expect.

With Hyphen’s comprehensive print management approach. Rest assured that your print materials are not only in capable hands but are also meticulously handled to meet and exceed the highest standards. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a positive and lasting impression on your audience. All achieved through a seamless and professionally managed print process.


Promotional gifts, also known as branded gifts, play a pivotal role in enhancing your brand presence at exhibitions and events. Moreover, these items serve as thoughtful gestures when distributed among your customers. Conveying a genuine appreciation for their loyalty and patronage.

The significance of branded gifts extends beyond mere give-aways; they serve as a tangible representation of your company’s values and identity. Choosing the right promotional item becomes crucial. As it becomes a direct reflection of your company. Consequently, each item holds the potential to create a lasting impression on the recipient. It prompts a consideration of how one would feel upon receiving the chosen item. Emphasising the need for a thoughtful and strategic selection process.

Navigating the extensive array of branded promotional items available for businesses can be overwhelming. Ranging from the conventional pens, bags, and mugs to more contemporary options like USB flash drives and desk accessories, the choices are seemingly limitless. However, the vast selection comes with varying considerations of quality, price, and style.

To streamline this process

The initial step involves engaging in a conversation with Hyphen to articulate your specific needs. Share the purpose behind acquiring these items, discuss your budget constraints, and elucidate the impression you aim to create. Following this, we will provide tailored recommendations, ensuring a meticulous alignment with your objectives. This personalised approach not only simplifies the decision-making process but also guarantees that the chosen items seamlessly integrate with your branding strategy.

In essence, promotional items serve as powerful tools to bolster your brand visibility and foster customer relationships. By thoughtfully considering the purpose, budget, and desired impact, you can leverage these items to create a positive and enduring association with your company. Trust in Hyphen’s expertise to guide you through the diverse world of branded promotional items. Ensuring that each piece becomes a strategic extension of your brand identity.

There are so many options of varying quality, price and style. Therefore the first step is to talk to hyphen about what you want the items for, your budget and the impression you want to create. Then we will recommend some options and go from there!

Full Colour Phone Cases
Hyphen Sample Stand


When your branding is displayed on a large scale it is important to make an impact. In other words, the right look and messages on your display. At events and exhibitions, passers-by will consequently form a perception of your company based on your visual display. Hence the design may be the difference between whether they decide to stop and talk to you or not.

Therefore a unique, dynamic design is the first step to getting attention. Hyphen’s graphic design service can certainly help with that! Another important choice is the style of banner or stand and material type. This is often dependent on space but we can also advise on making the most of your space and your budget. Hyphen can design and source everything from simple roller banners. To pop-up stands to unique fabric display stands. Taking into account any extras you may need such as lighting, supporting TV screens/tablets, storage etc.

Contact us to discuss your exhibition stand requirements.

Hyphen Sample Stand

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