Business Cards

The Different Options

Business Cards

They are one of the best value for money marketing tool you can get with print. If done correctly they will have all your contact details laid out in a neat and brand consistent format. Along with a flavour of what service or products you supply all wrapped up within a clear mission statement of what your business stands for.

There is a large range of business card material available but you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive cards and fancy inks. If you have a good laid out design the cards will look good on cost effective card. At the same time avoid going for cheap thin card as that will counteract any creative design work that you may have had. Remember when you hand over your card it will say as much about you as it will about your services. Cheap card with a home made design will be what the recipient’s impression of you will be.

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Regular Business Card

These are good low cost card. Ideal for new starters or budget bargain hunters. The card is 400gsm silk which is a nice weight for a card. It will not feel flimsy or embarrass you when you hand these cards to a client.

Low cost Business card
Hyphen Sample Stand

Luxury Bio Business Cards

Like the regular Business Card these are printed onto the 400gsm silk material. But the Luxury card also has a matt lamination either side which give the card a nicer feel to the touch and it also protects the print from getting marked up. It is worth up grading from the Regular Card to these so you get the extra finish that matt lamination gives.

Hyphen Sample Stand

StarMarque Bio Spot UV Business Cards

These are a step up from the Luxury Business Card. The same 400gsm material with a matt lamination on both sides. But with these there is the Spot UV Gloss Varnish finish as well. This is a clear liquid that can be used to lift an image / block area or can be use with an vector graphic shape. It is a really good way to make your card stand out from all the others that are out there. Very much for those that like to make an impact with their marketing.

Low cost Business card

Other options

Soft Touch Lamination Business Cards

This is one that is worth checking out. 450gsm silk material with a Soft Touch matt lamination both sides. Very similar to the luxury card but the soft touch lamination offers basically what it says – at soft feel to the surface. Once picked up you will not want to put these cards down.

Uncoated Business Cards

300gsm uncoated material is ideal for those that like to write on their cards. The uncoated material makes it easier for the hand written ink to remain on the card without smudging which can be an issue with the coated cards. It is also good for ink stamps which means these uncoated cards be used as reward cards as well.

Extra Thick Business Cards

700gsm uncoated cards are almost twice the weigh of standard cards. These heavy weights deliver a hefty statement when handed out at meetings. They will get you noticed.

Nano Business Cards

These slim line cards – 26x85mm sized cards – are on the 700gsm uncoated card material.

Folded Business Business Cards

If you have a lot of information which won’t fit on the standard business card size then look at the folded business card. These can be 2 or even 3 panel size (each panel is 85x55mm).

Rounded Corners / Shaped Cards

For an extra cost you can put either rounded corners or a shape to them

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