Brochures for your business

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Blog | 0 comments

Creating a brochure design and making them effective is no easy task. I can imagine most of you pick up some sort of brochure every week. From one end of the scale; that avid take-away menu posted through your door or the other end, an inspirational business/product brochure.

Each brochure varies from business to business. Whether they have been designed for displaying services or selling a product, they are trying to entice you. Brochures can be a very important tool for advertising your business especially when combined with other marketing such as a website.

Most businesses have a limited budget, but you still need to make sure the design is as effective as possible. We’ve had clients that are tempted to cram them full with as much information as possible, and forget the reader doesn’t want to be bogged down with loads of text. Your real goal is to get the readers attention with small snippets or quirkiness; they may then visit your website or give you a call for more information, which is what you want.

Design means different things to different people, it also changes at different times and in different contexts. So don’t fret if one person doesn’t like what they see, there will be others that will.

If you require any more information regarding your next brochure design, feel free to discuss this with us and give us a call on 0116 232 5931.

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