A Great Way To Gain 12 Months Brand Awareness

The Perfect Gift for Your Clients: Promote Your Brand Year-Round with Custom Calendars Corporate Branding

Looking for the ideal gift that will keep your brand front and centre in your clients’ minds all year long? After you’ve sorted your Christmas card selection, take advantage of a golden opportunity to prominently showcase your company’s details for the upcoming year. Custom calendars offer an exceptional way to achieve this goal.

At our printed calendar website, we offer a diverse range of calendar options to cater to your unique needs. Whether you prefer an A1 Wallplanner, Wire-O-Bound Desk Calendar, Single Sheet or 32-page Hanging Calendar, Tent Cards, Pocket Calendars, or even a Scratch Card Calendar – we’ve got you covered.

Why should you consider gifting custom calendars to your clients? Here’s why:

Year-Round Brand Exposure:

Unlike other promotional materials that might get stashed away, a calendar serves as a functional and decorative item that stays in plain sight throughout the entire year. Your branding and contact information will be visible to your clients every day, reinforcing your presence and fostering brand loyalty.

Customisation Options:

With a wide array of calendar styles to choose from, you can tailor your selection to match your brand’s aesthetic and message. Whether you want a sleek and professional look or a playful and creative design, our customization options ensure your calendar aligns perfectly with your branding strategy.


Calendars are not only a visual representation of your brand; they also serve a practical purpose. Clients can use them to organize their schedules, mark important dates, and stay on top of their tasks. This usefulness enhances the value of your gift, making clients appreciate it even more.


From wall planners that adorn office spaces to pocket calendars that can be carried on the go, our calendar options cater to various preferences. You can choose the format that suits your clients’ lifestyle and preferences, making it a thoughtful and personalised gift.

Cost-Effective Marketing:

Custom Calendars Corporate Branding offer an affordable yet highly effective marketing solution. They provide long-lasting exposure for your brand at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.

Don’t miss the chance to keep your brand in the spotlight all year long with the gift of custom calendars. With our wide array of options, you can easily find the perfect calendar to suit your specific needs. Start planning your client’s branding strategy for the upcoming year and make a lasting impression with a gift that keeps on giving.

Contact me and quote Calendars23 and you will receive a 10% discount on these calendar prices.

Custom Calendars Corporate Branding from Hyphen, Your Local Leicestershire Marketing support
Custom Calendars Corporate Branding from Hyphen, Your Local Leicestershire Marketing support
Wire-o-bound desk Calendars from Hyphen, Your Local Leicestershire Marketing support

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