New Year Branding Resolutions


Each new year, you can’t avoid the ‘new year, new you’ promotions, and the endless resolutions that people set for themselves to achieve new things…everything from eating more healthily and doing more exercise to giving up a bad habit.

Whilst these are excellent personal goals, how many of us set resolutions for our business and our brand?


Perhaps you have been meaning to update your website for ages, but haven’t got around to it?


Maybe your logo is looking a bit tired, but you think ‘it’ll be alright for a bit longer’?


And that brochure you’re still handing out, apologising for the sections that are out of date…well, it’ll get updated at some point…right?


Don’t feel bad

if any of these apply to you. We are all guilty of getting caught up in day-to-day jobs and letting our own branding priorities slip to the bottom of the list. After all, we need to spend all of our time looking after our customers, don’t we?

Let’s relate this back to those personal resolutions that we mentioned above. If you spent all of your personal time looking after your children, spouse, parents, friends etc, then you would neglect yourself and you would start to feel tired and lose your zest for life.

And this is the same for your business’s brand. It needs some time spent on it regularly, so it continues to look healthy and continues to work for your business.

Regular work

on your brand means that it is continually evolving and it moves along with the changing expectations of consumers. It also means that major revamps can be avoided…although that is not to say that a revamp is a bad thing. Change is positive.

If your brand

is something that has sat at the bottom of your list for quite some time, perhaps this year is the time to push it right to the top and make it a priority?

If you are not sure where you are with your brand, and how it is viewed by your customers, I can carry out a brand audit to give you the answers, and work together to discuss where your brand might benefit from a little TLC.

Whatever your branding resolutions, feel free to have a chat with me and let’s see what this year could hold for your brand.


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