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350gsm Tickets

Single, 2-part and 3 -part tickets

350gsm tickets 210mm x 74mm available as single, 2-part and 3-part with the option to add sequential numbering.

Single Tickets – perfect for formal events.

  • 210mm x 74mm ticket only

2 part, 1 stub and 1 ticket – containing a perforated edge, easily tear individual tickets.

  • 210mm x 74mm ticket
  • with 1 perforation and a 45mm stub

3 part, 2 stubs and 1 ticket – also containing a perforated edge, ensure maximum security at any event with 3 part ticket stubs.

  • 210mm x 74mm ticket
  • with 2 perforation and 2 x 45mm stubs


  • 350gsm silk stock
  • Printed in full colour on either one or both sides
  • Supplied loose or stapled
  • Option to add sequential numbering

Service: Normal: 6 working days

Print cost starting from:
£44.58+vat for 50 single tickets printed on side only

350gsm Printed Tickets, 2-3-and-4-part from Hyphen, Your Local Leicester Marketing support

Why you should consider the 350gsm Printed Tickets

Elevate your event experience with our premium 350gsm tickets, meticulously crafted to combine durability with a touch of sophistication. Available in single, 2-part, and 3-part options, these tickets are designed to meet the diverse needs of your events and activities.

Our single tickets provide a straightforward solution for admission to concerts, shows, and gatherings. Crafted from robust 350gsm material, they not only serve as entry passes but also stand as memorable keepsakes for attendees.

For events requiring a bit more organization, our 2-part tickets come in handy. With perforation for easy separation, these tickets offer a convenient way to manage admission while providing attendees with a tangible memento. The sturdy 350gsm ensures that these tickets endure the hustle and bustle of any event.

Versatility of the 350gsm Printed Tickets

For heightened efficiency and organisation, consider our 3-part tickets. Designed with precision, these tickets incorporate three sections, each serving a distinct purpose. Whether it’s for entrance, a raffle draw, or an exclusive access pass, our 3-part tickets offer versatility without compromising on the robust quality of the 350gsm material.

The 350gsm weight not only imparts a sense of durability to the tickets but also provides a canvas for vibrant printing. Customize your tickets with event details, branding, or sponsor information, ensuring a professional and cohesive representation of your occasion.

Choose our 350gsm printed tickets for a seamless blend of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. From single-entry events to multifaceted occasions, these tickets are the perfect choice to enhance your event management and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Provide attendees with a little brand personality and get those wheels turning with cost-effective tickets!

Have your guests feelin’ fabulous and drop everything to mark their calendars for the special day.


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