Why are business cards so important?


If you have ever had to go without business cards for any substantial amount of time, you’ll appreciate just how valuable they can be. Your business card is the first impression anyone sees of your organisation.  We all have been asked dozens of times “Do you have a card?”, and when we don’t, we know how embarrassing it can be getting a pen and paper out to write your details on.

Once you’ve handed your business card out to your clients you may be asking yourself the question; what do they think about my business? Every aspect of the card can influence how they perceive you and your organisation. The creative design/branding on the card, the quality of the logo, readability, and finally the “feel” of the card. All of these can influence how they will react.

Your cards should state your name, phone number, organisation, position, and any other relevant contact information. Providing a business card ensures that acquaintances will remember your name, whilst making them feel comfortable with contacting you in the future, since most professionals give out business cards as a means of opening the lines of communication.

“Branding is about positioning, living a promise & creating a relationship with your customer :Marketingspot”

Business cards are a necessity, and a socially accepted way of introducing yourself politely to a new or prospective client. It express’s you and your organisation and plays an important role long after presenting that initial card to your client.

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