a brief introduction

WordPress is the most popular blogging tool on the web and is used by millions of people worldwide. It uses a Content Management System (CMS) allowing users to control their content in a simple and easy to use interface. If you are not familiar with WordPress or you have trouble updating your own website and are thinking about converting to an easy to update system then this blog is for you.


WordPress has been around for nearly 10 years (originally named B2) and was designed to be a blogging tool. However, because it is completely free and customisable it has evolved beyond a tool just for blogs and is now used for full websites allowing people to share a whole range of information and keep it up to date. It has won countless awards and is the most popular CMS system around.

Open Source

One of the main reasons why WordPress is so popular is that you can edit everything about it and any one can change the way it works and looks. So people who are highly experienced can add, change and customise the framework and people who are new to it can just use the basic standard system. If you are willing to learn there are also a vast amount of tutorials and forums available online.


Along with being able to edit the structure and user interface WordPress also allows users and developers to change the style of the website easily with the click of a button and thousands of styled templates are available to choose from. Themes also have lots of customisable options and features.


As an added benefit, WordPress also has add-ons for themes (known as plugins) which give additional functionality helping to create a more dynamic and personal web experience. Plugins can be anything from anti-spam to weather reports. Again these are open source so for highly experienced developers, they can edit and build their own plug-ins or for people with no experience they can just the standard plug-ins.

WordPress gives a lot of flexibility to both web developers and users, which is why we build many of our sites using this system. For more information about it please contact us

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