Benefits of Outsourcing your Graphic Design Department


If your business has a regular need for graphic design, it may be a consideration to employ a designer or utilise the skills of an existing member of staff. However, both of these come with their downsides, so we would like to show you the benefits of outsourcing your graphic design requirements to a creative agency.


If your first thought may be that an agency will charge a greater hourly rate than you would pay an employee, you would be right. However in the long run, outsourcing will save you money as you won’t have all the overheads of a member of staff and you will only pay for the time that is spent on your design work.


You may have a member of staff who has creative skills that you can utilise for your design requirements, but do they have the time? By taking their time away from their main role, you are losing out in another area.


If you have an in-house designer, sometimes they can get stuck in a design rut and become uninspired working with the same identity, day in, day out. By working with an agency, you can get the combined experience of several designers and creative input from a whole team, rather than just one person.

You can also guarantee that you will be getting high quality designs, that will enhance your brand and its appearance, therefore telling your customers that you are a quality company willing to put time and money into making your brand look good.


If you outsource to a professional, reliable agency, it means that you can be confident in leaving the design work to them, which gives you time to focus on your business goals.

Hopefully I have proven that outsourcing your design to Hyphen has many benefits, and of course, if this is something that you think I can help with, please just contact me for a chat.

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