Working with Covid-19

Working with Covid-19

Working with Covid-19 

Hopefully over the next few weeks and months it will be safe to start to lift restrictions and allowing more businesses to operate again however until a cure and vaccine is available I would image that social distancing behaviour will remain.

For businesses returning back to semi normal working conditions these social distancing rules are going to be something that they will need to put a lot of thought and time into. A big part of it will be making sure people know how to behave and what is a safe and unsafe distance. So lots of signs and guidance notice will likely to be needed.

For example:

Safety Posters, Circle & Rectangle Floor Stickers,

covid safe distancing sticker

Queue Barriers, Sneeze Guards

covid sneeze guard

& Face Mask

covid mask zebra

But where do you go to get these. Luckily there are printers like that can easily supply all of these and more.

I have worked as a partner of for the last 20 years and I know them to be a very good and reliable company to work with. They have been able to keep operating safely through out these difficult times so if you are in need of any of these Covid-19 business essential items or other printing then let me know and I will be able to help with your requirements.

I hope this is helpful

Stay safe


Websites for £200 – am I Mad?

Websites for £200 – am I Mad?

Websites for £200 – am I mad?

Being stuck at home with no escape from my kids for the last few weeks may well be taking its toll but yes for the months of April and May 2020 I will be offering websites for £200.

Now is a great time to look at either redoing or having a new website as more people are browsing and looking on-line than ever before. On Google alone they are having over 5 billion searches per day. With around 3rd of the world population stuck at home due to Covid 19 can we be surprise?

So with that in mind I am offering to build WordPress brochure websites for £200+vat up to 15 pages. Similar to

If you want something bigger than 15 pages then let me know I we can work something out.

Once built I also offer a range of SEO packages starting from £200+vat per month, to all the sites that I host, to help them gain better page ranking.

If any of this is of interest please let me know

All the best and stay safe

Kind regards


Name the film and actor from the image above?

Bonus question – Which fellow actor did the above star attend drama school with and what popular TV mini series did they both act in?

Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will shine soon

Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will shine soon

Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will shine soon

These are very testing times. Everything is in constant change and trying to predict and plan for the future is not easy for people and businesses. However we have to assume that everything that is happening is temporary and we will pull through it hopefully stronger and a little bit wiser.
I work from home and my business is graphic and website design along with print management so the current situation hasn’t affect my working environment so in theory everything for me should be fine. However, like a lot of businesses, at the moment the work flow has virtually currently ground to a halt because my clients have had to temporarily close or cut right back on what they do. As a result this is having a knock on effect to mine and many other businesses out there.

So what to do? I now have my kids at home so I am managing their home schooling. This is particularly rewarding to me as I missed a lot of their early years development, when I was working, so for me this is an opportunity to get that last bond with them before they grow up. So far it is going well but the challenge will come when the novelty of this situation wears off for them and they start to vent their frustrated!

I am also taking advantage of extra time to do the work things that I normally put off like tidying up my administration, computer filing, getting rid of all the items that I have saved thinking it will be useful one day, etc. But also do other areas that I tend to avoid like writing this article (I’m not very good with this sort of work so I am making the effort) but I am also taking the opportunity to reviewing my marketing, in my case my website. People will be at home with a lot of spare time and some of that will be used surfing the internet for new ideas, inspiration and new contacts to help them get through these tricky times. So now more than ever is a good time to sort that website out and not put it off for another day.

If you need help or advise on your website please feel free to contact me

There is light at the end of this tunnel, we just have to do a bit more travelling before we get there

All the best and stay safe

Kind regards


Websites from £400

Websites from £400


Websites from £400

Not all websites need to cost the earth. If you only need to have a web presence for people to find your business and check it out then Hyphen can help build you a good looking, low cost functional website. A simple 5 page website that includes Home, About us, services, blog / testimonial and contact page can start as little as £400 and can be built and up an running within a week (this is very much subject to the full content being supplied and full access to the domain so the design can be made live). This is ideal for those who are starting up a business or trade businesses where you want an easy way to show what you can do.

If you want more than a simple 10 page site, as above, not problem, just let me know what you require and I can cost up accordingly for the work involved.

If you are not sure contact me and we can discuss this in more detail

All the best




Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd


Stand out from the crowd

You can market your business with basic standard print or you can invest in a finish that make your business get noticed. A really good way to do this is with a spot UV varnish finish. It can be used to lift an image by making it look more vibrant or it can be used creatively in a design to enable a more interesting layout. Either way spot UV varnish is a great way to make your printed marketing material more interesting and engaging than your rivals.

However having these type of finishes will increase the overall spend on producing the print but don’t worry as there is a solution to this. I work with as one of their business partners and they have a great offer this month on their StarMarque Spot UV Varnish products.

£10 OFF – StarMarque Business Cards

£20 OFF – StarMarque Showcards

£20 OFF – StarMarque Flyers

£50 OFF – StarMarque Folders

£20 OFF – StarMarque Menus

These are great product, even when not on offer, they a look and feel of a high professional business.

For more details please look at this link:

If you want help putting the artwork together or would just like to order any of these products please contact me on

Kind regards


Using Google Analytics to Improve your Website [Updated]

Using Google Analytics to Improve your Website [Updated]


Using Google Analytics to Improve your Website [Updated]

Do you monitor your website to ensure you are getting the best results?

Do you know how many visitors your site is getting? How long are they staying? Which pages are most popular?

Like other areas of your business, where you monitor them regularly to make improvements, your website is exactly the same. We all know that websites should be updated regularly, both from a technical and content perspective, but how do you what you need to change or add?

To really make the most of your investment, your website should be continually monitored using an analytics software. As a Google Partner, we recommend Google Analytics and install it as standard on all the websites we build.

A client of ours had never checked their Analytics and until we looked at it with them recently, they didn’t realise that no one had ever clicked on another page, beyond the home page!

google analytics

Google Analytics enables you to gather and monitor many important figures about the visitors to your website, including:

  • Number of sessions, users, page views and number of pages per visit
  • Bounce rate
  • New vs. returning customers
  • Acquisition – where do your visitors come from? (e.g. organic search, direct, referral site, social media etc)
  • What devices is your site mainly viewed on?
  • Most viewed pages and landing pages

These are just the highlights, as there is a lot of data that Google Analytics collates, which you can delve into on many levels on a page-by-page basis. In fact, the breadth of data that is available on Google Analytics can be quite daunting to those that are unfamiliar with it, as it can be hard to pick out what is relevant to you and your site.

So here are just a few of the simpler ways that you can use the data to make improvements to your website.

Bounce Rate
The higher the bounce rate, the higher the percentage of people that have only visited one page of your site and then left. Take a look at the pages on your site that have a high bounce rate, then evaluate the page’s content to see if it needs to be more engaging or encourage an action.

A few ways to improve your bounce rate:

  • Make your content enticing and grab the user’s attention quickly.
  • Reduce the loading time of your site (e.g. smaller image sizes, host on a fast server)
  • Make your landing pages visually appealing
  • Ensure calls-to-action are obvious and tempting

Traffic Acquisition
Knowing where your traffic comes from will help you to plan your marketing budget. You can compare how much traffic is coming from any paid advertising (such as AdWords) versus organic results, and see if any money spent on social media is effective.

Evaluating the success of where your traffic comes from:

  • Organic Search – If you have a large percentage of visits from people searching for you in a search engine, e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, this lets you know that your pages are well-optimised and you are being found in search results. If organic search stats are low, then you need to invest in an SEO strategy.
  • Referral – By seeing which sites link to your site and send visitors your way, you can establish which are worth investing time and money to build a relationship. If you pay to have your business listed on any directories, this is a great way to find out how worthwhile that investment is, as you will be able to see how many users have been directed from that referral site.
  • Social – Most businesses these days have a presence on social media and spend a proportion of the marketing budget on communicating with customers in this way. By monitoring how many visits you get from various social media channels, you can see if your money and time is being spent in the best way.
  • Paid Search – If you utilise Google AdWords, this area will give you more detail about the types of clicks you are getting from your paid ads. If the engagement is not what you expect and you are not reaching your goals and conversions, then you can change your ad content or your paid search strategy.

User Journey
Using the ‘behaviour flow’ feature, you can follow a user’s journey through your website, page by page.

It can be used in many different ways to make improvement to your website:

  • At the point visitors most commonly choose to exit your site, you can take a look at that page to see what improvements may need to be made.
  • As it shows the most popular path through your website, you can prioritise changes to your website. Make edits and improvements to the pages that people visit most often first as it will have more impact.
  • If you want to add a key piece of information, such as an image, video or testimonial, you can put it on a page where more people are likely to see it.

Desktop vs Mobile
Google Analytics provides important data on what percentage of traffic views your site on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. All sites should now be responsive as standard for easy browsing on any device, but if you are experiencing a high bounce rate on tablet or mobile, you know that some improvements need to be made.

See our blog on ‘How Does Mobile-First Indexing Affect Your Website?’ to see how important your mobile site is, even if you don’t get a high percentage of mobile views.

Popular Content
Within Behaviour and Site Content, you can view a range of useful information on all pages, landing pages and exit pages.

In ‘all pages’, the pages with the highest number of sessions indicate which content your visitors find most useful, so put more effort into keeping these up-to-date and produce more of the same. From your most popular pages, you can link to other content that may interest your users, to try to up-sell your products/services. You can also use this information to create new pages with a similar style and format to try to attract more visitors.

By looking at your most popular landing pages, you can see where people are landing, and see if they are finding these pages through organic search, direct, paid ads, social media etc. This helps with your overall digital marketing strategy. The most popular landing page on a website is usually the home page, but make sure that any links from social media, ads or referral sites link to internal pages if they are more relevant than the homepage. If a visitor doesn’t find what they want straight away, it is likely they’ll just leave.

Exit pages are also useful to investigate but it is an area of ambiguity. A user may leave because they haven’t found the information they are looking for, or they might leave because they have found it. Depending on the website, an online conversion may not be the goal, so exit pages have to be viewed as individual cases.


As mentioned above, the extensive data that is available can be quite overwhelming for someone new to Google Analytics. Each individual business and its goals will require different analysis of the data, so it is helpful to get an expert to take a look for you.

Hyphen offers monthly Google Analytics reports, tailored to your business’s goals, so please contact us for more information.

Until next time,