Is your website backed up and do you have access to it?


Each year more and more importance goes to websites. They are used for so many functions from marketing and ordering to displaying information.

However what would happen if your website was not there tomorrow, what would you do? Call your web provider or get your IT person to fix it? What if they’re not available anymore? Sounds far fetched? Well it happens and more often than you would think.

Quite often I get asked “I can’t get hold of my web designer any more and I want to make changes to my website, what can I do?”.  There can be a lot of reasons for this, a simple temporary communication issue is normally the case but it has been know for web companies to either stop trading or for the designer to move away without leaving any forwarding contact details.

There are ways around this issue if it does happen but they don’t always work so the best way to protect yourself is to have your site backed up and to have copies of that back up yourself. However it is important that you check if that backup works and is accessible to use if required, there is no point having a back up that no one can use.

Also with a lot of website being content managed by the client it makes sense to take regular back ups of the site, which you keep making on an ongoing basis, just in case you make an irreversible error when editing your content.

All the sites that I host are automatically backup 2 to 3 times per day and it takes a few minutes to activate one of these back ups if ever required.

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