What makes a customer read your leaflet?


I see it so many times when I’m out and about… a pile of leaflets in a cafe or shop. It has obviously been designed in Word, they’ve slapped on some contact details (sometimes corrected afterwards with a biro) and printed on a home printer with maybe a few smudge marks here and there. Usually this is because they have panicked… the business may have just started up, looking to expand, or even, in these times they may be finding business is getting a little tougher, and suddenly they realise they need to advertise more, and think the faster they get them out the better. But ask yourself, if your message isn’t properly thought about, and the design is slap-dash, what would make me want to pick that leaflet up? Why should I take an interest in your business, if you can’t even take the time to make an effort to grab my attention?

We all know the saying ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ and this is true, but sadly so many of us (including myself) do often fall for this error! I mean, the service you are advertising may even be something I’m interested in, but you haven’t grabbed my attention enough to look closer and make a connection. And have you thought about if I am even the right type of audience you want to to be reading the leaflet? For example, wheres the point handing out leaflets advertising your nursery school to a retirement community? Work out who your main customer base is, and where you are most likely to grab their attention.

The important thing to remember is, it doesn’t matter how many leaflets you send out, what matters is the return you get back from them.. so why not increase the chances of a return as much as you can?

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