Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will shine soon

These are very testing times. Everything is in constant change and trying to predict and plan for the future is not easy for people and businesses. However we have to assume that everything that is happening is temporary and we will pull through it hopefully stronger and a little bit wiser.
I work from home and my business is graphic and website design along with print management so the current situation hasn’t affect my working environment so in theory everything for me should be fine. However, like a lot of businesses, at the moment the work flow has virtually currently ground to a halt because my clients have had to temporarily close or cut right back on what they do. As a result this is having a knock on effect to mine and many other businesses out there.

So what to do? I now have my kids at home so I am managing their home schooling. This is particularly rewarding to me as I missed a lot of their early years development, when I was working, so for me this is an opportunity to get that last bond with them before they grow up. So far it is going well but the challenge will come when the novelty of this situation wears off for them and they start to vent their frustrated!

I am also taking advantage of extra time to do the work things that I normally put off like tidying up my administration, computer filing, getting rid of all the items that I have saved thinking it will be useful one day, etc. But also do other areas that I tend to avoid like writing this article (I’m not very good with this sort of work so I am making the effort) but I am also taking the opportunity to reviewing my marketing, in my case my website. People will be at home with a lot of spare time and some of that will be used surfing the internet for new ideas, inspiration and new contacts to help them get through these tricky times. So now more than ever is a good time to sort that website out and not put it off for another day.

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There is light at the end of this tunnel, we just have to do a bit more travelling before we get there

All the best and stay safe

Kind regards