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One of the best ways to create and maintain a good reputation is to show your customers or clients that they are valued.

Branded gifts say a lot about your company and whatever you choose should be a good representation of your brand and your brand values. Using your logo, tagline and brand colours are obvious, but the item itself creates an impression with the recipient, so think how you would feel to receive the item you choose.

I get asked by many of our clients to help with branded promotional items such as pens, bags and mugs. These are all good gifts to give out to your clients, and for each one, there are hundreds of different options of varying quality, price and style, which will reflect your brand style.

However, if you are looking for a more luxury gift to really set your brand apart from others, you can go one step further and to display the gifts in a well presented gift box.

There are many ways to do this, but to help you, here are a couple of examples:

Blog - The importance that you print matches your brand 1 Blog - The importance that you print matches your brand 2

The first shows a memory stick, pen and business card holder placed into a bespoke cut out foam in a branded presentation box. The second image is even more impressive, with 8 gifts and a company logo cut in the foam. These are great ways to present gifts and it is very likely that your client will value the effort that you have put into the gift, which will reflect positively on your branding.

Admittedly these gifts are not cheap, so you do need to make sure that these are going to client that do or could spend with you the amount of budget that justifies a gift of this value, otherwise it will become a very expensive marketing project.

The key point to remember is that if you have a highly valued client, then make sure you don’t ruin that relationship, or your brand, by giving them a gift that doesn’t represent that value.

If you want to know more about how you can choose the right marketing materials for your brand and your customers, then just contact me.

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