Choosing the Right Print Finish For Your Brand

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

Having worked with design and print for many years, one of the areas I have a wealth of experience in is all the different print finish options available and the challenges that they present if not used correctly. Similarly to my earlier post about choosing the right materials to match your brand, the right print finish is equally as important.

The first area is coated versus uncoated materials. Uncoated has a nice raw natural feel about it and works well with businesses whose brand values include natural, organic and caring. However, one of the things you have to be aware of with uncoated is the way the ink seeps into the material so it will lose a certain amount of vibrancy.

A coated finish gives a very standard and reliable look to materials. This works well for brands that want to create a safe and reliable impression but it won’t make a statement. If you want your brand to be noticed, then look at the extra finishing options available. Lamination is one step above coated and is available in matt or gloss, although I prefer a matt lamination finish as I feel it gives a more professional feel for your brand. Alternatively, soft touch lamination is becoming more readily available and it will add an extra wow factor to your print and your brand.

However, if your brand is dynamic, unique, fresh and innovative then you may wish to look beyond just a laminated finish. Spot UV is a firm favourite of mine, but only if used in an innovative way. It really needs a designer with a spark of imagination to bring out the best in this finish, otherwise you run the risk of spending money on a finish that doesn’t stand out. And it is the same with foil block; this can give the print a real lift if used correctly but it could also look less than attractive if no imagination has gone into how it is used.

Embossing is one finish that I am not a great fan of. We always recommend double-sided designs, otherwise you are wasting reverse space to show off your branding and with embossing, it can look good on one side but it is rare to have that effect looking good on the other side where it has inverted the material.

Die cutting has been around for years and was originally used for practical finishing for folders but it can also be used on general print to produce something different from the standard rectangle finish. Within reason, virtually any shape can be cut and this can be used in great effect if you want your brand to look unique and show your attention to detail.

There are many more finishes than the ones I have covered above if you would like to know more about the best finish for your brand, please contact me.

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